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School Days



Aug 26, 2018
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Hello everyone.
I just watched School days. I've heard of it a lot but never bothered because it looked like the typical highschool romance. I did read reviews about it being psychological but I thought that might be been a joke. Haven't really been watching anime since I'd gotten into manga a few years ago. But God. It was so good. I need recs people. The kind of psychological that's so beautifully messed up. It's not the kind that messes you up but just messed up in itself. It kind of reminded me of Doki Doki. But yeah, 10/10. Would watch again. But then time does not permit it so I might as well watch something else just as fun. I'm also open to manga recommendations. Also, this is just a preference, but it'd be great if it's something I can find on Crunchyroll. I've been trying to watch legally. :3
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